HISTOREIN e-books is both historical and interdisciplinary in its perspective. It is situated within a scholarly “free trade" zone that encourages the interaction between history, philosophy, social anthropology, sociology, gender and labour studies, epistemology, literary and cultural studies. At the centre of its interest are questions concerning the production of knowledge about the past, the historicity of interpretative and argumentative strategies, and the politics of disciplinarity. Historein e-books also aims at the enrichment of the evolving debates around class, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion and generation, and the impact respective conceptualisations have had on the establishment of collective formations and subjectivities. Contextual approaches and case-studies, reflecting a mature stage of research, are welcomed, while emphasis is put on the national, transnational and global structures and dynamics that have defined and determined these phenomena in the modern era.

Key words: digital humanities, critical history, early career.  

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Antonis Liakos (Αντώνης Λιάκος)

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