The National Centre for Social Research has been pursuing its publishing activity uninterruptedly since 1962. To date, over 200 books have been published, on a wide variety of topics, including books of a theoretical content, thematic volumes, reports based on research outputs, Working Papers, Discussion Papers, Conference Proceedings, translations and other scientific work. EKKE’s publications contribute to the diffusion and the further exploitation of research outputs, covering all areas of social sciences.In view of enhancing the diffusion of scientific knowledge, EKKE first entered the field of open access publishing by making freely available on line, through ΕΚΤ’s platform (, its long-established journal The Greek Review of Social Research.The new platform EKKE e-books aims at further promoting EKKE’s digital publications, by creating a website that will host original work relating to all fields of social sciences and conforming to the scientific rigour criteria regarding their content.

At the same time, open access will allow users to exploit tools that are linked to the information and methodology embodied in the texts (URL links), thus giving a further boost to the published works.Last but not least, EKKE’s e-books initiative aims at linking the publishing platform with the Social Data Bank established in EKKE. The SDB is the Co-ordinator of the research infrastructure So.Da.Net.GR, as well as member of the European Research Infrastructure CESSDA AS (Council of European Social Science Data Archives).This new publications venture is primarily interested in studies that are the result of reliable scientific projects, that tap into original secondary data, and that critically address the on-going scientific discourse and findings in the various fields of social science. Finally, the present series aims at becoming a welcoming tribune of expression for new researchers, whose work stands out for its quality and originality.


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Μαρία Τοπάλη (Maria Topali)
National Centre for Social Research (EKKE)
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Irakleitos Souyioultzoglou

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This press provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.