Modernity and Contemporaneity


Evangelos D. Protopapadakis; Georgios Arabatzis; Mina Đikanović; Georgios Iliopoulos; Nevena Jevtić; Željko Kaluđerović; Panagiotis Kormas; Antonia Moutzouri; Una Popović; Dragan Prole; Nikos Psarros; Konstantina Roussidi; Goran Rujević


Modernity and Contemporaneity is the 3rd volume in the Hellenic-Serbian Philosophical Dialogue Series, a project that was initiated as an emphatic token of the will and commitment to establish permanent and fruitful collaboration between two strongly bonded Departments of Philosophy, this of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, and that of the University of Novi Sad respectively. This collaboration was founded from the very beginning upon friendship, mutual respect and strong engagement, as well us upon our firm resolution to establish a solid continuity in the editing project. The publication of this volume allows us to entertain feelings of contentment and confidence that this objective of the project has been accomplished.


  • Frontmatter
  • Modenity and Contemporaneity: An Introduction
    Evangelos D. Protopapadakis, Georgios Arabatzis
  • The Post-modern and Modernity from the Point of View of the History of Philosophy
    Georgios Arabatzis
  • Modern Subjectivity and its History
    Mina Đikanović
  • Hans-Georg Gadamer and the Contemporaneity of Classical Greek Philosophy
    Georgios Iliopoulos
  • Depersonalization of Absolute Knowledge?
    Nevena Jevtić
  • Animal Protection and Welfare: Contemporary Examinations
    Željko Kaluđerović
  • Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Rethinking the Notions of Responsibility, Causal Inference and Empathy
    Panagiotis Kormas, Antonia Moutzouri
  • The Overcoming of Aesthetics
    Una Popović
  • From Modernism to Contemporaneity: On the Magic of the False Name
    Dragan Prole
  • Is Morality Immune to Luck, after All? Criminal Behavior and the Paradox of Moral Luck
    Evangelos D. Protopapadakis
  • Dignity and the Form of Human Existence
    Nikos Psarros
  • Discussing Normative Ethical Reasons and Moral Realism with Kant: A Meta-Ethical Perspective
    Konstantina Roussidi
  • Waxing Knowledge, Waning Moods
    Goran Rujević
  • Contributors
  • Backmatter
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