Open Book Press

In the context of its service for scholarly electronic publishing ( EKT developed Open Book Press for the online publication of monographs of high scholarly and technical standards. Open Book Press supports scientific institutional publishers in transitioning to openly accessible digital books that are peer-reviewed and capitalize on internet technologies for the benefit of the advancement of research. Publishers have the opportunity to develop new Open Access Presses for monographs with our support for the technological infrastructure and consulting services for open access publishing.

EKT wishes to render Open Book Press an important publishing and research venue for Greek publishers and researchers, with an emphasis on the Social Sciences and the Humanities. Open Book Press is a service addressed to Greek institutional publishers with a not-for profit mission, such as universities, research centers, scholarly societies, memory institutions, among others. It aims to enable such institutions gradually to transition to new models of scholarly communication, where Open Access is the standard way of publishing research also in the form of monographs. Open Book Press further aims to provide the forum to explore the sustainability of collaborative publishing models among institutions in the long-term.

Collaborating publishers are responsible for the scientific quality of the books produced and interested authors should address themselves directly to collaborating publishers.

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